Alessandra Favetto is an Italian independent self taught mixed-media artist based in Spain.

She’s an eclectic artist, constantly experimenting and trying new techniques with different mediums: charcoal, acrylic, enamel, gouache, pastel, ink, oil and paper.

Her works primarily involve small drawings and paintings and collages on paper with an abstract visual language based on contrasts, forms and patterns.

Although she’s best known for her fine art self portrait photography, her creativiy spreads to any type of visual creative expression.
«Creativity is a way to stay connected to myself and to the world and makes me feel good» she says.


There’s a common trait in human brain that is to categorize, tag and box everything it perceives. It’s a natural response to the uncertainty and unfamiliarity. Tagging and categorizing is then a way to find peace in the confort of what can be rationally explained and identified.

My art aims to break this pattern by inviting the viewer to an unexpected world of forms, shapes and structures at the limits of abstraction.